(Top) #BDSI2016 #AdvPro students focusing in BD Technique. (Bottom) The 2016 Backhausdance Summer Intensive participants on the final day of the program.

Today, Backhausdance’s gratitude goes out to all the students who have taken part in our signature Summer Intensives… and the woman who makes it all come together so seamlessly, Tawny Chapman.

Backhausdance’s summer training programs are a unique opportunity for Artistic Director Jennifer Backhaus, BD company dancers and renowned guest artists to come together with the sole purpose of helping aspiring dancers, ages 11 to adult, succeed while fostering a passion for contemporary movement. BD’s Summer Intensive program gives students the opportunity to accomplish their dreams of pursuing dance, and does so in a nurturing and supportive environment. Students train in a variety of dance forms, are exposed to the creative process and rehearse BD repertory works. The program culminates in a fully produced concert that attracts hundreds of audience members, including student families and friends and local dance enthusiasts.

Backhausdance provides more than $25,000 in scholarships each year to enable students facing financial challenges to receive the full benefits of the program. Please consider sponsoring a student for this summer’s program.

Summer Intensive Director Tawny Chapman can and does it all. She is a senior company dancer, educator, graphic designer and our Social Media Manager. Her long list of responsibilities includes holding placement auditions, coordinating the many instructors, arranging student housing, and creating the extensive three-week schedule, to name a few. All of the Backhausdance materials, everything you see – posters, postcards, emails and all social media posts – are designed by her. Tawny is the backbone of our program. Without her, our Summer Intensives would not be the professional, celebrated destination they have become.

Backhausdance will host its 13th Annual Summer Intensive programs from July 17 through August 5, 2017 in in the state-of-the-art dance facilities at Chapman University.


Donate $100 or more today, and be entered to win a full scholarship to a 2017 Backhausdance Summer Intensive program. Selected winner may transfer the scholarship to a student of their choice.

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