Orange, CA

2019 Student Liaison
Company Dancer, Backhausdance
BFA in Dance, Chapman University

Sammi Waugh is a dance artist located in Southern California. Born in Austin, TX, she trained for 15 years in various styles before moving to California to further her dance education. She graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in Dance Performance and an Interdisciplinary Honors minor. She has worked with and performed works choreographed by many notable artists, such as Dwight Rhoden, Ido Tadmor, Jennifer Backhaus, Sean Greene, and Amanda White. She has also presented many of her own thoughtful choreographic works and conducted and presented research on healthy movement practices and movement theory. Passionate about dance education, she has taught both locally at various studios and a nearby elementary school and globally in small villages in Cambodia. Sammi has performed with Backhausdance in Orange, CA and Sling Dance Project in Austin, TX and is excited to continue to use her many platforms to expose the art of movement to a wider audience.