Long Beach, CA

Company Dancer

Katie Natwick began dancing at the age of 11 in her hometown of Escondido, CA. Having discovered a deep passion for movement, she furthered her training at Chapman University where she received a BFA in Dance Performance. Throughout her career, Katie has had the opportunity to perform with companies such as DANCE AEGIS, Kairos Dance Company and Nickerson-Rossi Dance, as well as choreographers including Robin Conrad, Sean Greene, Jess Harper and Dale Merrill. A multi-faceted artist, she also teaches various dance styles at Hills Academy of Music, Art and Dance in Torrance, CA. This is Katie’s second season as a company member of Backhausdance.


BD Technique will explore the fundamentals of Backhausdance technique. Physically demanding and original, the BD movement vocabulary requires a balance of fluidity and strength. Students will engage in a series of exercises and phrasework as they learn about movement dynamics, alignment, groundedness, moving in and out of the floor, inversion work and more. The principles explored in this class will prepare the dancers for the choreography learned and performed in the culmination performance.