Incandescent (2010)

Choreography by Jennifer Backhaus

Premiere: Joyce Soho, New York, NY
Music: A Silver Mt. Zion, Devotchka, Andrew Bird, Florence + The Machine
Costume Design: Rhonda Earick
Running Time: 72 minutes

Based on the theme of illumination, Ms. Backhaus explores light in both a physical and spiritual sense. Incandescent evokes a sense of discovery and expression of the human experience by igniting the internal shadow and bringing it to light. The piece has dancers shifting through various configurations of hundreds of light bulbs suspended from above with creative lighting techniques that help express the spectrum of emotions they experience on their journey. The human spirit glows when it is ignited by self awareness, creativity and the connection to others.

Incandescent is designed to actively engage local dancers of all levels as Chorus dancers in Act 2. For more information on the residency component "The Incandescent Experience," visit Residencies.