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Backhausdance is committed to educating the community about the relevance and vitality of concert dance, both a valuable art form and as a tool for learning. The company is dedicated to the creation, development, awareness and understanding of the art of contemporary dance. Dance is more than just steps or movement - its creation and perfection engages all learning modalities and encourages the integration of the mind, body and soul of the dancer. The company’s education programs reach students of all ages through our annual summer intensive, residency programs, master classes and more. 

Backhausdance is proud to be on the Arts Teach roster as part of the Segerstrom Center for the Arts' Education and Community Programs, and is available for booking for school assemblies, residencies and workshops. 

Please contact Arts Teach at 714.556.2122 x4310 or visit ARTS TEACH

For all other inquiries, please contact:
Jenn Bassage Bonfil - or call 714.497.3137


Jennifer Backhaus’ master classes are representative of the movement style and vocabulary of her professional contemporary dance company, Backhausdance. Ms. Backhaus’ classes are crafted to give dancers the technical ability to find balance between control and release. The combination of ballet technique and modern dance principles, such as the use of weight and momentum, create exercises that are designed to challenge the dancer’s dynamic expression and increase their range of movement and quality. Ms. Backhaus places strong emphasis on the use of space and moving with fluidity and abandon. Her gymnastic background enables the seamless integration of floor work and weight-shifting between feet and hands, encouraging students to feel comfortable with inversions. Class combinations occasionally include selections from the Backhausdance repertory, partnering work and focus on the facilitation of the expression of the dancer’s unique points of view.

In addition to master classes, Ms. Backhaus is available for residency and choreographic commission opportunities.

For all information on booking, please contact:
Jenn Bassage Bonfil - or call 714.497.3137