A Backhausdance representative will be available on site at the Ayres Hotel Orange for check-in each Sunday beginning at 3:00pm. Upon arrival, please call the BD Housing Line (714-712-0841) and a representative will meet you in the lobby. If you plan on arriving after 8:00pm, please contact us to arrange a late check-in. 



The housing agreement including rules and regulations was signed upon initial reservation. Please review these rules and regulations to ensure a positive experience for you and your roommates. 

Additional forms may be necessary for participants under the age of 18. If applicable, please print and return the following forms (via email to or bring to check-in when you arrive).


This form is optional. Signing this form gives a minor (under age 18) permission to leave the Ayres Hotel Orange without the direct supervision of a Backhausdance Chaperone. Backhausdance will require students to follow Off-Campus sign‐out and sign‐in procedures, but will not monitor a student’s whereabouts after they leave the hotel. Without a signed form, minors will be required to remain at the Ayres Hotel Orange during all non-intensive hours unless accompanied by the Chaperone.


This form is optional. While in Southern California your student may have friends or family who would like to take him/her out for a short outing or for the weekend. Students under age 18 must have signed permission from a parent/guardian to be able to leave with an authorized adult. Students and the authorized adult (must be at least 18 years of age) must follow sign‐out procedure when leaving the Ayres Hotel Orange and/or the Chapman University Partridge Dance Center. 


This form is required in order for Participants to travel to/from organized intensive Evening Activities held outside the range of the complimentary shuttle service provided by the Ayres Hotel Orange.