Backhausdance at the Barclay has a great ring to it. On this 9th day of Backhausdance Gratitude, we are thankful for our relationship with Irvine Barclay Theatre. After last season’s sold-out performance, Backhausdance will again be presented by the Barclay and will return to the theatre February 3, 2017 with an evening of mixed repertory featuring powerful, athletic dances; emotionally charged dramatic pieces; and whimsical glimpses of the human experience. We can’t wait to share our newest creations – four premieres on one program – with you!

Since opening in 1990, the Barclay has emerged as one of California’s preeminent performing arts facilities. A unique collaborative venture between the City of IrvineUCI and the private sector, the theatre has a reputation for wide-ranging programming in contemporary dance, music, and theater arts. The 750-seat Irvine Barclay Theatre is nationally-renowned for its great acoustics, intimate feel, and the high quality of its production facilities. Among artists, it is a venue of choice when performing in Southern California.

Exterior shot of the Irvine Barclay Theatre.

Exterior shot of the Irvine Barclay Theatre.

Video highlights from Jennifer Backhaus' 2016 premiere of Drift at the Barclay.

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To show our gratitude to you for your ongoing support, everyone donating $250 or more today will receive 2 tickets to Backhausdance’s February 3, 2017 performance at Irvine Barclay Theatre.

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