Seattle, WA

Company Dancer, Whim W'him

Adrian, born and raised in Cambridge, MA, began his training as a martial artist. After receiving his Black Belt, he transitioned to dance in high school. He graduated from The Ailey School/Fordham University, with a BFA in Dance and double minor in Philosophy/Math, while also pioneering a study abroad exchange with Israel’s Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company. Adrian has been a guest dancer with Alvin Ailey, danced in music videos for Katy Perry and Justin Beiber among others, freelanced on stage and film and will appear as a principle dancer in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming remake of Little Women this December. He also regularly performs with Invertigo Dance Theater and as a guest with BODYTRAFFIC in Los Angeles.



This class will focus on the range of choreographic possibilities that become available through weight sharing and an altered relationship to gravity and balance. The class will begin with a contemporary warm up in center that prepares both the lower and upper body to receive weight. The class will then build towards weight sharing exercises across the floor with an emphasis on utilizing our structural anatomy to disperse weight through the body and minimize pressure and strain on the arms and back.

The class will consist of a warm up that utilizes both the form of ballet with the freedom and full range of motion demanded by contemporary choreography. The class will move through across the floor exercises and culminate in phrase work that focuses on dynamic range and qualitative clarity.